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Back to School Resources in Payson

Updated: Sep 6, 2021

It's that time of year again, and we've compiled a quick list of resources from the Payson Unified School District that will help your family get back in the swing of things and get back to school here in Payson.

COVID 19 Protocols

The District is keeping the community up to date with a live document link on it's website to COVID 19 Announcements (including current statistics) relevant and specific to Payson schools.

You can also access information from Gila County Health and Emergency management offices, including the the August 25th, 2021 health mandate that was sent to school Superintendents instructing them on quarantine protocols for the upcoming school year. In the words of the Department, "As a community, we must all work together to slow the spread of Covid-19 during this pandemic."

New Students: Frequently Asked Questions

Payson is growing, and that brings students and parents who are new to the District. Don't miss the new student FAQ that is sure to answer questions for student and parents who've just moved into the area - helping smooth the transition and pave the way for success during the new school year. The updated 21-22 Student/Family handbook is also posted and ready to help families understand guidelines and rules for attendance as well as 'how things work' with a listing of all contacts and resources your family may need to succeed!

School District Updates

We have an active school district here in Payson and with summer winding down you'll likely want to catch up on the school's schedule and updates on the new school year. Visit the Payson School District's news page for up to date information on district operations and happenings, and tips on how you can participate to help administrators and students through support of their upcoming events.

Sync with the Payson Unified School Calendar

An easy to read calendar of upcoming meetings, events, school holidays and breaks, and other useful information is at your fingertips on the Payson District's calendar and events pages.

TIP: Use the "View Multiple Calendars" link to create a custom view of the District calendars all in one place! For instance, you can view Middle School and High School together - and you can use the "iCal" links at the top of the calendar to automatically sync the calendar with your own personal or business calendar!

Payson School Athletics

For information on season ticket pricing and purchase to general information on sports programs available to our youth in Payson, check out the Athletics pages for ways to support our District's efforts in making a wide range of activities available for both students and the broader Payson community.


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